Chronic Fatigue Disorder

Chronic Fatigue Disorder What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Fatigue in certain cases can be a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. People who have this condition get tired easily performing normal activities and have a persistent feeling of exhaustion which cannot be alleviated in any way by rest. In addition to these symptoms, you can experience headaches, joint or muscle pain, mild fever, as well as an overall lack of energy and focus.

Test for chronic fatigue disorder

Unfortunately, there is no test that can confirm one has this condition. Doctors generally take an elimination approach in order to diagnose this disease. They perform a thorough physical examination and various tests in order to rule out other possible conditions. Unfortunately there are no known causes for this disease, or any specific tests that can help identify the condition.

Treatment for chronic fatigue disorder

The other bad news is that this disease has no cure. However a doctor can treat and help alleviate each symptom that the syndrome has. Fatigue is targeted through an improvement in one's diet and sleeping routine. In some cases your doctor could also consider prescribing low-dose antidepressant drugs or medication that can help you sleep. A careful planning of your work schedule can also help alleviate stress or pressure. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, massages, and meditation can be of great help in trying to reduce your stress level.

It is important you collaborate with your health care provider to detect, manage and monitor the evolution of this syndrome. Patients under treatment experience a significant improvement in their symptoms within six months to a year. Consequently, you will need patience and commitment to overcome this syndrome.

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